Major House Fires Caused by Dirty Air Ducts

Thousands of homes are consumed by large, destructive house fires every year. While some are caused by cooking equipment, indoor candles, or poor electrical wiring, a shocking number of house fires are caused by one simple problem: their air ducts.


While not all homes are in danger of having their air ducts burst into flame, it’s important to be aware of the conditions that could prompt a fire in your home. This foreknowledge could spare you and your family the loss of your home and property.

What Makes Dirty Air Ducts a Fire Hazard

Our air ducts accumulate inches of dust, grime, and debris as we go about your daily lives. Dirt, lint, hair, pollen, mold, and other contaminants can quickly start to pile up along the inside of our air ducts. Other objects such as jewelry, soda cans, toys, and trash can also get lost in air vents and clog the passage of air through the ductwork. Even major house renovations, smoking indoors, and pest infestations cause harmful residue to build up in your air ducts.

This blockage and debris makes it difficult for air and energy to circulate properly in your home. During the fall and winter seasons, your HVAC system must work overtime to keep your home at comfortable temperatures. In the meantime, your air ducts and their contents can begin to get quite hot. All it takes is for the hot dust or debris to catch a spark, and suddenly you have a major house fire on your hands.

Signs of Dirty Air Ducts

There are many signs that can indicate when a Seattle home needs an air duct cleaning. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Visible buildup on vent covers.
  • Strange odors when the HVAC system is running.
  • Inexplicable allergy triggers.
  • High energy bills.
  • Previous pest infestation(s).
  • Purchase of a new home.
  • Major remodel in the home.
  • People smoking indoors.

If any of these signs are applicable to your home, we strongly recommend that you contact a reliable air duct cleaning company to help you clear your air ducts of debris and prevent a tragic house fire.


Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

There are two great benefits that accompany an air duct cleaning that go beyond reducing the risk of house fires and recovering lost belongings:

1. Energy Efficiency

In addition to removing a fire hazard, many Seattle families have enjoyed substantial financial savings as a result of having their air ducts cleaned. Once the blockage and debris are removed, homeowners found that their their HVAC systems were able to work properly and efficiently, producing a more comfortable living environment with much lower energy bills.

2. Air Quality

Seattle families have been absolutely shocked by what air duct cleaners discover in their air vents. Air ducts can contain quite a collection of items, from bird nests and dollar bills to pest skeletons and moldy lint. The dust and debris trapped in your air ducts can have a serious impact on your home’s indoor air quality. A thorough duct cleaning by a professional duct cleaner will leave your air ducts clear and empty while restoring the indoor air quality of your home.

Seattle Air Duct Cleaning Services

The fall and winter seasons are when the greatest number of house fires occur. If your air ducts are showing signs of excessive buildup and debris, it’s important that you have them professionally cleaned before a single spark sets your whole house ablaze. At Clean Crawls, we provide duct cleaning tacoma for families throughout the Puget Sound Area.
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